About Wakefield Garden Centre

Hello, I’m Gavin and welcome to Wakefield’s newest Garden Centre!

I have worked in 2 of West Yorkshire’s most popular garden centres for over 25 years and now my dream of owning my own garden centre has finally happened, albeit, online. Here you will find lots of items for your garden including tools, compost, fertilisers, plus lots more. Rather than being physically based, Wakefield Garden Centre is online only and serves the local area (see below for areas currently covered). In the current climate this is better as you do not need take any risk and are able to purchase your items from the comfort of your home.


At present, I deliver in the local area and cover the following postcodes:

WF2 7AD, WF2 7AE, WF2 7AF, WF2 7AG, WF2 7AH, WF2 7AJ, WF2 7AL, WF2 7AN, WF2 7AP, WF2 7AR, WF2 7AS, WF2 7AW, WF2 7AX, WF2 7AZ, WF2 7BA, WF2 7BE, WF2 7BH, WF2 7BJ, WF2 7BN, WF2 7BQ, WF2 7BT, WF2 7BX, WF2 7BY, WF2 7BZ, WF2 7DA, WF2 7DB, WF2 7DE, WF2 7DH, WF2 7DT, WF2 7DU, WF2 7JH, WF2 7JJ, WF2 7JL, WF2 7JN, WF2 7JP, WF2 7JR, WF2 7JS, WF2 7JT, WF2 7JU, WF2 7JW, WF2 7JX, WF2 7JY, WF2 7JZ, WF2 7LB, WF2 7LD, WF2 7LE, WF2 7LF, WF2 7LG, WF2 7LQ, WF2 7QU, WF2 7QX, WF2 7QY, WF2 7QZ, WF2 7RA, WF2 7RB, WF2 7RD, WF2 7RE, WF2 7RF, WF2 7RG, WF2 7RH, WF2 7RJ, WF2 7RL, WF2 7RN, WF2 7RP, WF2 7RQ, WF2 7RR, WF2 7RS, WF2 7RT, WF2 7RU, WF2 7RW, WF2 7RX, WF2 7RY, WF2 7RZ, WF2 7SA, WF2 7SB, WF2 7SD, WF2 7SE, WF2 7SF, WF2 7SG, WF2 7SH, WF2 7SQ, WF2 7TG, WF2 7UA

WF2 8AA, WF2 8AJ, WF2 8BD, WF2 8BG, WF2 8BH, WF2 8BJ, WF2 8BL, WF2 8BN, WF2 8BP, WF2 8BQ, WF2 8BS, WF2 8BT, WF2 8BU, WF2 8BW, WF2 8BX, WF2 8BY, WF2 8BZ, WF2 8DA, WF2 8DB, WF2 8DD, WF2 8DE, WF2 8DF, WF2 8DG, WF2 8DH, WF2 8DJ, WF2 8DN, WF2 8DP, WF2 8DQ, WF2 8DR, WF2 8DS, WF2 8DT, WF2 8DU, WF2 8DW, WF2 8DX, WF2 8DY, WF2 8DZ, WF2 8EA, WF2 8EB, WF2 8ED, WF2 8EE, WF2 8EF, WF2 8ER, WF2 8ES, WF2 8ET, WF2 8EU, WF2 8EX, WF2 8EY, WF2 8EZ, WF2 8FA, WF2 8FB, WF2 8FD, WF2 8FE, WF2 8FF, WF2 8FG, WF2 8FH, WF2 8FJ, WF2 8HA, WF2 8HB, WF2 8HD, WF2 8HE, WF2 8HF, WF2 8HG, WF2 8HH, WF2 8HJ, WF2 8HL, WF2 8HN, WF2 8HP, WF2 8HQ, WF2 8HR, WF2 8HS, WF2 8HT, WF2 8HU, WF2 8HW, WF2 8HX, WF2 8HY, WF2 8HZ, WF2 8JA, WF2 8JB, WF2 8JF, WF2 8JG, WF2 8JH, WF2 8JJ, WF2 8JL, WF2 8JN, WF2 8JP, WF2 8JQ, WF2 8JR, WF2 8JS, WF2 8JT, WF2 8JU, WF2 8JW, WF2 8JX, WF2 8JY, WF2 8JZ, WF2 8LA, WF2 8LB, WF2 8LD, WF2 8LE, WF2 8LF, WF2 8LG, WF2 8LH, WF2 8LJ, WF2 8LL, WF2 8LN, WF2 8LP, WF2 8LQ, WF2 8LR, WF2 8LT, WF2 8LU, WF2 8LW, WF2 8LX

WF2 8NP, WF2 8NT, WF2 8NX, WF2 8NY, WF2 8NZ, WF2 8PA, WF2 8PB, WF2 8PD, WF2 8PF, WF2 8PG, WF2 8PH, WF2 8PJ, WF2 8PL, WF2 8PP, WF2 8PQ, WF2 8PS, WF2 8PT, WF2 8PW, WF2 8PX, WF2 8PY, WF2 8PZ, WF2 8QA, WF2 8QB, WF2 8QD, WF2 8QE, WF2 8QF, WF2 8QG, WF2 8QH, WF2 8QJ, WF2 8QL, WF2 8QN, WF2 8QP, WF2 8QQ, WF2 8QR, WF2 8QU, WF2 8QW, WF2 8QX, WF2 8QZ, WF2 8RB, WF2 8RD, WF2 8RE, WF2 8RF, WF2 8RG, WF2 8RH, WF2 8RJ, WF2 8RL, WF2 8RN, WF2 8RP, WF2 8RQ, WF2 8RR, WF2 8RS, WF2 8RT, WF2 8RU, WF2 8RW, WF2 8RX, WF2 8RY, WF2 8RZ, WF2 8SA, WF2 8SB, WF2 8SD, WF2 8SE, WF2 8SF, WF2 8SG, WF2 8SH, WF2 8SJ, WF2 8SL, WF2 8SN, WF2 8SP, WF2 8SQ, WF2 8SS, WF2 8ST, WF2 8SU, WF2 8SW, WF2 8SX, WF2 8SY, WF2 8SZ, WF2 8TA, WF2 8TB, WF2 8TD, WF2 8TF, WF2 8TG, WF2 8TJ, WF2 8TL, WF2 8TN, WF2 8TP, WF2 8TQ, WF2 8TR, WF2 8TS, WF2 8TT, WF2 8TU, WF2 8TW, WF2 8TY, WF2 8TZ, WF2 8UA, WF2 8UB, WF2 8UD, WF2 8UG, WF2 8UH, WF2 8UL, WF2 8UN, WF2 8UP, WF2 8UQ, WF2 8UR, WF2 8US, WF2 8UT, WF2 8WA, WF2 8WB, WF2 8WD, WF2 8WE, WF2 8WF, WF2 8WJ, WF2 8WL, WF2 8ZA, WF2 8ZB

WF2 9AP, WF2 9BA, WF2 9BE, WF2 9BG, WF2 9BH, WF2 9BL, WF2 9BP, WF2 9BQ, WF2 9BS, WF2 9BT, WF2 9BW, WF2 9BY, WF2 9BZ, WF2 9EE, WF2 9NJ, WF2 9NL, WF2 9NS, WF2 9NT, WF2 9NW, WF2 9QZ, WF2 9RA, WF2 9RB, WF2 9RD, WF2 9RE, WF2 9RG, WF2 9RH, WF2 9RJ, WF2 9RL, WF2 9RP, WF2 9RQ, WF2 9RW, WF2 9SD, WF2 9SE, WF2 9SF, WF2 9SH, WF2 9SN, WF2 9SP, WF2 9SY, WF2 9SZ

Every item is delivered by hand, there are some items that are slightly too large to carry therefore are Click & Collect only.

Of course, but please get in touch as soon as possible.

You can, just get in touch and it will be changed. Please bear in mind that if you ordered any items that is Click & Collect only, it cannot be changed.

Unfortunately not. This address is just a mailing address and does not allow visitors.

If you live elsewhere in the country and would like items posted, please visit sister site Wakefield Garden Centre UK although not all items are available on the website. More may be added at a later date.