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  • Animal Repellent Concentrate – 2x50g


    Concentrated formulation, applied with a watering can or garden sprayer Deters cats and dogs from fouling and damage caused by deer, rabbits, foxes and other wild animals Protects plants Use all round the garden including edible crops, lawns or around ornamental plants

  • Cat-a-pult – 1L


    Powerful ready to use animal repellent Repels cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and other animals Can be used all round the garden Protects plants Active ingredients: Aluminium ammonium sulphate

  • Scat-A-Cat – 350g


    Easy dose Cat repellent granules Deters cats from fouling in the garden Ideal on children’s play areas, decorative gravel and bark Scatter cat pack for easy application Active ingredients: Garlic extract

  • Toprose Rose & Shrub Feed – 1kg Carton


    The perfect balance of nutrients for bright and beautiful roses and shrubs. Easy to apply: simply sprinkle around your roses and lightly hoe into top soil. Contains long-lasting nitrogen for balanced growth. Also contains Iron and magnesium that guard against premature leaf drop. Available sizes: 1kg and 4kg.

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