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  • After Plant Rose Feed – 1L


    The Empathy AFTER PLANT liquid feed and biostimulant range is designed to enhance and compliment the conventional AFTER PLANT granular fertilisers. All products contain natural and sustainable ingredients to offer your plants the best biological nutritional benefits and above all be highly effective and easy to use.

  • Continuous Release Plant Food Rose & Shrub – 1kg


    Quick and easy to use Encourages healthy growth Produces bigger blooms.

  • Gold – 1kg


    A unique boosted granular plant food ideal for roses. Increases root development and encourages efficient nutrient absorption for bigger, brighter and healthier plants. Allows new rose bushes and shrubs to better survive transplanting. Simply scatter on the soil surface and water in.

  • Rose & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food – 1kg Shaker Jar


    One application feeds plants for up to 6 months, removing the need for regular feeding Patented technology used by professional growers NPK 15-11-15 with magnesium Coverage: Feeds up to 40 bushes

  • Rose & Shrub Food Liquid – 1L


    Visibly healthy plants in 7 days New formulation now containing Humifirst which is highly rich in organic matter Stimulates growth and yield as well as root formation Improves plants resistance to environmental stresses Rich in essential nutrients with extra iron for greener leaves Fast acting feed, that lasts for up to 2 weeks, giving plants…

  • Rose & Shrub Plant Food – 3kg Carton


    Rich in essential nutrients with extra magnesium for healthy growth Produces top quality blooms and greener leaves Plants will be fed for up to 3 months NPK 10-7-10 with magnesium Coverage: Feeds up to 120 bushes

  • Rose Feed – Concentrate – 1L


    A specially blended liquid feed for roses and flowering plants Helps maintain healthy growth and enhances the colour of blooms Promotes beautiful roses Contains: fertiliser NPK 4:4:12 with micro nutrients Coverage: makes up to 466 litres Use: March to September

  • Rose Food – 1.25kg


    For abundant blooms of brighter roses Added magnesium and iron to boost health Feeds throughout the growing season Also suitable for trees and flowering shrubs

  • Toprose Rose & Shrub Feed – 1kg Carton


    The perfect balance of nutrients for bright and beautiful roses and shrubs. Easy to apply: simply sprinkle around your roses and lightly hoe into top soil. Contains long-lasting nitrogen for balanced growth. Also contains Iron and magnesium that guard against premature leaf drop. Available sizes: 1kg and 4kg.

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